Meet Dr. Walton

Critical. Discerning. Without Compromise.

This is how Dr. Walton describes his patients. Coincidentally, it is also how patients and peers describe him. Patients often think about the positive changes they would like to make years ahead of deciding on their surgeon. It is one of the most important decisions and deserves careful consideration. Despite incredible advancements in 3D imaging, it is impossible to literally “try on” results ahead of time. It is the surgeon who performs the procedure. Results are predicated on technique, skill, training, experience, and judgment. There is no machine that can predict those qualities. How can you be sure Dr. Walton is right for you?

If you choose Dr. Walton, here is a short list you can count on:

Standards Exceeded

Standards are not only met but exceeded in terms of protocols, certification, and training. Every surgery is as big a deal for him as for the patient. There are no automatic prescriptions, but plenty of options available to those seeking a positive change in their appearance at Plastic Surgery Chicago.

Delivers natural results

Not every surgeon can consistently deliver natural results. The question: What is enough and what is too much? It’s a matter of millimeters, and that is the art behind the science–a combination Dr. Walton has built his reputation upon.

Paramount Communication

Dr. Walton believes that communication is paramount. Patients are treated to two consultations because he feels there is no substitute for spending time together prior to surgery.

Patient safety is a high priority

Walton believes safety is an increasingly important issue for all cosmetic surgeons. Surgery is taken seriously. He is very thorough preoperatively and surrounds himself with a talented, tenured team. The patient is never compromised.

Relaxed Environment

His office is a low key, confidential, relaxed environment where patients feel coddled, confident, and comfortable making important decisions about their appearance. To Dr. Walton, there is no greater satisfaction than knowing that people feel exceptionally cared for at his practice.

After over 25 years as a plastic surgeon, I still look forward to each day. The refinement and advances within the specialty certainly contribute to heightened satisfaction for both the patient and the surgeon. But some elements must and should remain unchanged and by that I mean the doctor/patient relationship. It is still sacred to me. Devotion to my patients is evident in the fact that I am always accessible. I’m a healer at heart and my patients know their welfare comes first. Plastic surgery is real surgery. It cannot be taken lightly. Nothing takes the place of a one on one consultation, not even the Internet. Connecting with a patient, getting to know their personality and why they are considering changes is such an interesting part of my day. I love the meticulous preoperative planning and challenge of dealing with the minutest details that characterize facial rejuvenation, primary and revision nose surgeries, and breast enhancement. My experience with reconstructive and microsurgery has made me a better aesthetic surgeon. The tools at my disposal after years of experience helps create truly personalized treatment plans. I consider myself a minimalist, but less radical surgery doesn’t necessarily mean less dramatic outcomes. A mini facelift, for instance, doesn’t have to mean a mini result. It just means a more natural result with minimal downtime and scarring.”


Dr. Walton’s philosophy and approach combines world-class skill with uncompromising judgment to give patients the confidence they deserve. His “micro” background is evident in the minimal incisions, endoscopic techniques, and detailed “artistry” that separates good and great.

Microsurgery changes the aesthetic paradigm

Dr. Walton firmly believes his years of experience in the demanding arena of ultra-microsurgery uniquely qualifies him to consistently deliver the best aesthetic outcomes. Applying that surgical precision and proficiency benefits every patient, whether cosmetic or reconstructive in nature.

Avoiding Aesthetic interventions that are overdone

The first question Dr. Walton asks himself on behalf of every patient is, “What are the goals in this effort for me to achieve a natural, non-surgical appearance?” In Dr. Walton’s hands, patients can put their fears about looking freakish, distorted, too-tight, and obvious to rest.

Maintaining the Heart of a Teacher and “Bodyguard”

Dr. Walton feels there is no substitute for spending time together prior to surgery. Very thorough consultations without time limits or pressure help Dr. Walton get to know each patient on a deeply personal level. Explaining options, clarifying their understanding of a procedure, and helping anticipate events before, during, and after surgery put patients at ease. In addition, Dr. Walton insists on anesthesiologists and a surgical team that are familiar with the nuances of aesthetic surgery. He considers anesthesia–particularly in surgery of the face and nose to be an art form that directly influences surgical recovery and results. A self-described “stickler” for safety, Dr. Walton carefully reviews the patient’s histories and physicals prior to scheduling surgery.


Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Walton’s interests have focused on a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures. Some of the specialized procedures for which he is particularly known for include:

Nasal reconstruction

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is universally accepted as one of the most complex procedures in plastic surgery. It presents both an aesthetic and functional challenge. Some of the most challenging are noses that have been operated on 2 to 3 times. Many surgeons will not attempt to “fix” a nose that is deformed, scarred, or missing tissue. Dr. Walton, however, often will. He is the recipient of the highest award in plastic surgery (James Barrett Brown award) for an article he published on his techniques addressing total and subtotal nasal reconstruction and the Rubin award for his presentation on the “cocaine nose.” Those considering primary nose surgery are definitely in expert hands. Those facing revisions know all too well how important choosing the right surgeon the first time, matters.


The biggest change has seen over the years has been the advancements in facial rejuvenation. The concept of minimum scars and less downtime attract even younger patients wanting minor procedures. Dr. Walton was one of the pioneers in the studies on fat grafting–a highly technique-dependent adjunct procedure taking artistry to the next level. He has extensive experience in the deep plane facelift, SMAS plication, and minimally invasive facelift procedures. While most patients don’t need extensive correction in every area, Dr. Walton makes sure the surgical plan strikes the perfect combination for a balanced rejuvenation that is both refreshed and age-appropriate.

Eyelid Lifts

Eyelid surgery, also called Blepharoplasty can make an incredible difference in a person’s expression. Eyes often age ahead of the face creating a sunken, tired appearance. Dr. Walton enjoys the finesse work required to avoid creating a hollowed-out look with malpositioned corners that is characteristic of overcorrection. In combination with a brow lift and/or fat grafting, the lid/cheek junction and contours around the bone are enhanced for a more youthful “window to the soul.”

Breast Enhancement

For aesthetic breast surgery, Dr. Walton offers autologous (patient’s own tissue) or implant-based breast enhancement procedures, breast lift, and correction of birth deformities of the breast. He routinely performs highly sophisticated reconstructive surgery of the breast and was an early pioneer of the SIEA flap, the muscle-sparing TRAM flap and the DIEP flap. His approach is one of proportionate, beautiful results using the latest techniques and devices.


Commended with honors in plastic surgery, and acknowledged for his involvement with advanced training in the specialty, Dr. Walton is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery by the American Board of Medical Specialties. He graduated from medical school at the University of Kansas and received his surgery and plastic surgery training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Yale-New Haven Hospitals. In recognition for his skill and achievement, Dr. Walton was a recipient of the Peter J. Rubin award for Best Scientific Paper at the American Association of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting and received the prestigious James Barrett Brown Award for the most significant publication in plastic surgery by his peers. He has served as a professor, chairman, and instructor for some of the most elite institutions in the nation and is widely published in the specialty. He has been celebrated for his Pro Bono work. In 1986 he founded Proyecto MIRA, a non-profit organization dedicated to the surgical care of indigent children in Puerto Rico suffering from facial and hand deformities. Along with other surgeons who have joined his cause, Dr. Walton dedicates 4 trips per year to what he describes as “his calling.”