“I would like to thank Dr. Walton for his excellent service. I had disliked my nose for my entire adult life. I had tried to have my nose altered to my satisfaction on two prior occasions by other physicians, with less than satisfactory results. I had given up on being truly happy with my nose. Then a friend alerted me to Dr. Walton and his practice by reference to an article in a magazine. I consulted with Dr. Walton and learned that he had a recommended procedure that I had not been aware of and that I had not previously tried.

I am completely and thoroughly happy with my results. The doctor performed a great service. It has been over two years since my surgery. Memories of my ‘old’ nose have faded and become distant.

I could not recommend Dr. Walton and his staff more highly. Friendly, efficient, respectful and best of all, great results.”

Rhinoplasty Patient

“Let me start by saying Dr Walton is not my plastic surgeon, he is my reconstructive/plastic surgeon and savior. He is the utmost professional, knowledgeable, skilled and passionate surgeon and man I have ever had the luck to have met. He has been awarded too many awards and bestowed with too many honors and accolades to count yet he doesn’t boast upon them and is humble in their regard.

With each surgery he is bringing me one step closer to getting me back to my life as I was once able to lead it and for that I can never repay him. He has always shown empathy and such passion for his work and me as a patient that I have the utmost regard for everything he does and I can only hope that every patient that has the privilege to call him or her own as their doctor knows this as well. My life forever changed when he took me on as a patient and for that I will always be grateful.”

Nasal Reconstruction Patient

“My droops and jowls were more than my soul could stand. Fortunately, I was referred to Doctor Robert Walton.

We started a conversation, and soon I was able to ask a few questions. I got straight answers and determined to go through with the surgery that relieved my sagging eyelids, tightened up my face and neck. I felt so much healthier that I also began a physical work-out program.

The good doctor takes care of the surgery. Grace is the first person you meet as you walk in the office. She will keep you informed of schedules, and what you need to do in preparation for your treatment. If you forget something or need clarification, you can call on Grace. If she is away for the moment, do not worry, she will return your phone call promptly.

Everything is carried out in a friendly, professional manner. Place your trust in this office; you cannot do better!”

Eyelid Surgery Patient

“When you receive the devastating news, “you have Breast Cancer”, you can’t breathe. You catch your breath, then you do massive research on doctors. As a professional in the medical field, I spoke to other doctors and nurses to get their opinion. I made the decision to make an appointment to confer with Dr. Robert Walton what my option were. From the moment I entered his office I was at ease. He took the time to explain my options, demonstrations of the procedure. I felt reassured that I made the decision to have Dr. Robert Walton guide me through this nightmare. He was accessible from the beginning with questions, what to expect, what the next procedure would be. I could not image not having Dr. Robert Walton by my side, he was a God sent. It will be 5 years since my surgery. I continue to be in contact with him. I have and will continue to refer my family and friends to Dr. Robert Walton.”

Breast Reconstruction Patient

“Can’t believe I’ve been a patient for over 10 years. Time marches on but with your help I have remained young on the inside as well as the outside. The train conductor asked me for my I.D. because I wanted the senior ticket. I’m 73. THANK YOU Dr. Walton.”

Facelift Patient

“I have had numerous surgeries performed by Dr. Walton including facelift, tummy tuck, septoplasty, and more. He always explains the procedures so there are no surprises. I recommended him to my family and close friends. Never have I been unhappy with any surgery or results. Thank you for making my life so much happier. 10 stars!”

Face Lift Patient

“I’d like to write briefly about four things; pre-op and post-op procedures, the operation itself, and, of course, the results.

Result. The results were everything I could have hoped for. I look and feel younger without that “plastic look”. No one has guessed that I had surgery though many have commented on how good I look.

Pre-op. Dr. Walton carefully explained over several sessions every aspect of the surgery. No question from me was too small for his attention. He also brought my husband into the process early on, which he and I both appreciated.

The surgery. Dr. Walton’s skills are justifiably renowned worldwide. What needs also to be mentioned are the fine skills of all who assisted him, especially the anesthesiologist and the nurses.

Post-op. Even before the surgery, Dr. Walton explained in detail what I could expect after the surgery. Most important, he made it clear to me that he would be available to me either in person or by telephone on a 24-7 basis. And he was.

Dr. Walton is a consummate professional and a man of the highest integrity. I recommend him without hesitation.”

Facelift Patient

“Few physicians possess the level of compassion, sincerity, and commitment to their patients as Dr. Walton. These traits are only surpassed by his stellar reputation and skills. I consider myself fortunate to have had the Chairman of the Department perform my breast reconstruction. Months after my surgery I went to get fitted properly for a bra. I explained my situation and the mature sales professional explained that this has been her job for years and she felt very comfortable fitting me. When I undressed, she looked in amazement and said, “I have never seen anything like this before! What side?” That says it all.”

Breast Reconstruction Patient

“Simply put, Dr. Walton is the only plastic and reconstructive surgeon I would recommend to anyone. He worked with me over several years under very difficult, if not impossible, conditions. First, I had to travel from Central New York to Chicago because neither the military nor VA health system was able to help with my problem. I had had five prior nasal reconstructions performed by other surgeons which had failed. Dr. Walton told me I could still have a real nose made from my own tissues – not prosthesis. My nostrils had shrunk to be only pin holes and were closing fast; and I was unable to breathe. We started surgery asap after he studied my situation. I am diabetic and on blood thinners and these factors added to the difficulty. Also, it had been 37 years since the original wounds and at least 20 years since my previous attempt at having a full size nose. After we started the procedures necessary for the reconstruction, I had some unrelated medical problems and had to stop for six months. Through all these difficulties, Dr. Walton persevered and today I have a fully functional nose that most people think is my original. What a change in my breathing too. Dr. Walton and his staff were able to complete what the others could not. They were friendly, compassionate, professional and successful.”

Nasal Reconstruction Patient

“I went to Dr. Walton for a prophylactic mastectomy. He was very knowledgeable about the procedure and made sure I had a proper understanding about each step of the surgery. He only schedules one patient at a time so there is never a wait in the office and he takes time during each appointment to give you his full attention, which made the biggest impression on me. Grace (the office manager) is extremely kind and efficient as well making sure to schedule everything appropriately and coordinate with insurance. The entire process with Dr. Walton was seamless and worry-free. I’m so happy with my results and grateful to have found such a wonderful doctor. I would highly recommend him whether medical or cosmetic!”

Breast Reduction Patient

“After a terrible simple deviated septum surgery I was left with a botched surgery for over a year from a previous medical group. I went to 2 other large hospitals in Chicago for help before I went to Dr. Walton and he knew exactly what was wrong. It was a huge relief! The staff he has along with himself is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. They go out of their way to help. Dr. Walton makes you feel comfortable and he genuinely cares about you and knows how to help. I have recommended friends to him even before he has done my surgery. ”

Nasal Reconstruction Patient